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About Horizons

Horizons is a 10-month Leadership Development program, where up to 30 young professionals have the opportunity to learn about the needs of the Jewish community and the importance of being involved in the Federation. Each monthly class takes place at a different beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation of Broward County, and allows participants to develop leadership skills, expand knowledge in challenges and opportunities within the Jewish community, as well as build a network and social relationships with peers in the class.  

Pepi joined the Federation over sixteen years ago. Prior to working at the Federation she was active in Women's American ORT as a lay leader, serving as National President from 1998-2001. She also worked part time in a variety of non-profits, including working as Volunteer Coordinator for the Museum of Discovery and Science in Ft. Lauderdale. Pepi loves the fact that her work has such great meaning and impact on other people in the Jewish world. She feels that our Partnership with Nesher is the perfect example of that, bringing the Jewish community of Nesher and Broward together in a multiplicity of ways to people of all ages. Pepi also feels that the Horizons Leadership Program is a source of great pride and pleasure for her.



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Upcoming Classes

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