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December 3 - Embrace Those With Special Needs

The Jewish Federation of Broward County works to embrace and address the specific challenges facing those in our community with special needs. We strive to provide children and adults with disabilities equal opportunities and education, which promotes learning, personal growth and inclusivity.  Ranging from employment programs to respite care opportunities for families – embracing the special needs community is at the forefront of what we do at the Jewish Federation of Broward County.

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December 4 - Support Victims of Domestic Abuse

Like poverty and terminal illnesses, domestic abuse affects the Jewish community just as it does every community around the world.  Through providing funding for critical resources to domestic abuse victims here in Broward, Israel and around the world, The Jewish Federation of Broward works to ensure their needs are met. 

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December 5 - Support Forever Friends of PJ Library

PJ Library is a monthly book subscription offered to children 6 months to 11 years old.  Through Jewish themes and topics, PJ Library provides a critical space for identity building within our community's youth, while also providing space for parents to spend quality time with their children.  The Forever Friends of PJ Library hopes to endow 2,700 subscriptions for families in Broward County, ensuring the program will be here forever. 

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December 6: Fund 2 Armored Ambulances in
Judea & Samaria

The Jewish community of Broward County hopes to save lives in Israel, by fully funding 2 armored ambulances, which will provide critical, life-saving services to residents in Judaea and Samaria, Israel. Each ambulance costs $180,000 – and we hope to deliver 1 ambulance through this 8 Days of Giving Campaign.

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December 7: Fight Food Insecurity & Hunger

Like poverty and terminal illnesses, food insecurity and hunger affects the Jewish community just as it does every community around the world.  People should not have to decide between purchasing food or purchasing medicine; people should not have to worry about their children going hungry on weekends, because they do not have access to food programs.  Our community's food insecurity programs address these concerns, and much more.  

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December 9: Provide March of the Living &
Israel Experience Scholarships

Study after study has indicated that two of the most meaningful and impactful programs on a teen's Jewish identity is an Israel experience or participating in the March of the Living.  In addition to helping teens form their Jewish identity, these programs teach teens important leadership skills, life lessons and educate them on their collective Jewish history. Unfortunately, these programs are costly, oftentimes preventing a portion of the population from even considering applying.  Through our scholarship programs, we ensure that these programs are accessible to anyone who is interested. 

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December 10: Support Holocaust Survivors
& Seniors

Broward County is the third most heavily populated area of holocaust survivors in the world.  Coupled with one of the largest aging populations in the United States, the needs for the senior community continues to grow exponentially. Ranging from daycare programs to respite support for caregivers, from meals to learning programs, the Jewish Federation of Broward County works to support and protect our aging and needy community by insuring their needs at all ages are met. 

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December 11: Provide Overnight Camp Scholarships

One of the most impactful and memorable experiences for a youth is an overnight camp experience.  Furthermore, one of the strongest factors in solidifying and strengthening a youth's Jewish identity is participation in a Jewish overnight camp. Beyond the lifelong memories and friendships, a sense of pride and peoplehood is instilled in every camper.  The Jewish Federation of Broward County hopes to ensure that any child who wishes to attend a Jewish overnight camp has that opportunity. 

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