The Advisors Philanthropy Initiative (API) exists to promote philanthropic giving from clients of estate planning and planned giving professionals in the Broward community to the Jewish Community Foundation of the Jewish Federation of Broward County and its beneficiary agencies.
API serves as a foundation outreach arm to professional communities with these distinct purposes:

  1. Create partners in professional communities who have the ability to motivate potential donors to include the Federation and its beneficiary agencies and synagogues as a part of their estate plans.
  2. Educate professionals on the work of the Federation, both local and international, and its partner agencies and synagogues.
  3. Provide professionals different opportunities to connect with colleagues and provide continuing education resources for their professional and personal benefit through seminars and gatherings held throughout the year.

Come Join Us

Become an official member of Advisors Philanthropy Initiative (API) and help the Jewish Community Foundation promote philanthropic discussions and giving throughout our communities.


  • Help your clients fulfill their philanthropic objectives
  • Help meet the needs of the Jewish Community
  • Professional Development
  • Network with like-minded colleagues
  • Spread philanthropy


Thank you to the following advisors who referred their clients to us and helped grow our foundation to the $106 million that it is today.

Bonnie S. Miller
Jeffrey A. Baskies
Howard N. Bienenfeld
Marvin T. Bornstein
Herbert Jay Cohen
Alan B. Cohn
Thomas O. Katz
Corinne R. Korn
Les S. Kushner
Christy Lambertus
Denise A. Lettau
Jack R. Loving
Bonnie S. Miller
Sheldon Polish
Jack Rosenberg
Richard B. Sabra
Myron Sandler
Jeffrey Saster
David B. Schulman
Libo Fineberg
Adrienne Frank
Randy S. Friedlander
Jill Ginsberg
Gene K. Glasser
Adam Goldberg
Sheri F. Schultz
Carl Schuster
Joseph L. Schwartz
David M. Scully
Barbara A. Shore
David A. Shulman
Eric W. Sulzberger
Leonard Suskind
Donald R. Tescher
Benjamin A. Tobias
Ricky J. Weiss


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