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Partnership 2000 Nesher-Broward County

Established in June 2005, the partnership between the residents of Nesher and Broward County, Florida, strives to foster connections through building community projects. Young Leaders in various professions from South Florida, met with the Directors of schools, businesses, factories and various other industries, including the center for the elderly to learn about the community, weigh the opportunities, and strengthen the ties between both communities. High level education was a key issue that was discussed and agreed upon as a main focus of the partnership. The purpose of this program is to enhance People to People connections and strengthen Jewish Identity among the Jewish communities.

The partnership is manifested through steering committees composed of delegates of the communities of Nesher and Broward County. Levana Caro is the Director of the Partnerships in Nesher. Pepi Dunay is the Director of Israel & Overseas in Broward. Volunteers of the Israel and Overseas Committee in Broward County serve as the South Florida counterpart, led by their Chair Esther Shacket. The Israeli Steering Committee is co-chaired by Arieh Gutman and Dr. Avi Sharon.

Currently, there are exciting important projects that are in the process of being approved for the upcoming year. Some of these ideas include a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Roots project, Teen Leadership programs, Professional Exchange in work with the Elderly, and Professional Business Exchange.